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Navigating in Woods

Has your medical care experience been incomplete?

Whether you are a patient or a provider

We guide shared medical decision making 

We strengthen your understanding of resilience & the mindbody connection as a necessity for wellbeing 

All from the comfort of your home with guidance from our online courses

Which statement best describes how we can support you

Our Mission

Guiding personal transformation when life changes

We Believe

Medical care is incomplete

Today, 90% of medical expenses are spent on treating chronic diseases, BUT our medical system is still treating you with the same care as if you had an acute illness or injury. This approach is not working

Journey Guide Project supports comprehensive care in chronic disease management


Each of us is in control of our own health & wellbeing
We spend ~15 minutes with our doctor annually. The rest of the year, we spend tending to our health on our own

Journey Guide Project promotes healing thru listening to the mind body connection


We are more than just a physical body

We are a complex system of mind body with lived experience that impacts our wellbeing

Journey Guide Project guides the exploration of stories as a path to personal transformation

Receive an introduction on reframing your medical experience as a journey

Time commitment: 4 minutes


My name is Kami Norland

My journey of working in a rural mental health clinic to working nationally in healthcare leadership, taught me that prioritizing mental wellbeing is a necessity. It requires courage and compassion to lead a life  of peace and fulfillment. In doing so, we also reduce our risk of chronic disease. Join me in a workshop to learn how you can prioritize mental wellbeing.  

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I am Mary Ann Boe

My passion for companioning people in their grief is a gift from my son, Déva, who bravely lived his life. He taught me ‘surrender’ and that love continues its radiance on the other side of loss. For our ancestors, the work of grief and healing has always been communal. Join me in a Caring Circle where we give voice to our lived experiences and receive the wisdom therein. We create a community of belonging and a sacred container for gathering light to help guide our way forward.


Greg Kutcher, here

My journey as a family physician, hospice director, and health system leader taught me the need for patients & their family members to take a more active role in their medical care. From this experience I knew I needed to share my zest for research and my passion for helping both patients and providers facilitate conversations on shared medical decision making.  I look forward to guiding you. 

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We are not defined by what happens to us, rather how we respond to what happens to us

- Viktor Frankl

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